About UPIX

As a companion for your healthy life

How are you, everyone?
Humankind has been seeking ways to live a healthy, rich life since the beginning of history.
Our company has assisted in healthy, rich living since its establishment.
In this modern era with a super abundance of information, it is very difficult to investigate what is true and what is not for any aspect of health.
We believe that it is important to get back to the basics, especially in this age.
Human beings originally have the power to have a healthy, rich life, which we believe is the basics.
We propose to develop your genuine richness and health, assisting your original energy to shine.

UPWe placed "Ecology Pharmacognosy Seminar [111th]" in "Event".
I added the sale information of "Ecology Pharmacognosy Seminar [110th]" to "Seminar DVD".
We placed the past seminar"Ecology Pharmacognosy Seminar [110th]" in "Event".

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